St. Henry Schools accepts applications for employment whether or not openings exist.  Completed applications are reviewed upon receipt.  Candidates for interviews will be selected by the application screening process.  Interviews will be scheduled with selected applicants after openings develop.

Teaching Application

Support Staff Application

Current Openings

  • St. Henry Schools has openings for the following positions:  Substitute Teachers, Substitute Cafeteria Workers, Substitute Custodial Workers, and Substitute Bus Drivers.  If interested please contact Sherri Ranly at ranly.sherri@sthenryschools.org or 419-678-4834 ext. 2101.

Applications can be attached and emailed contact person listed above. *

Ideal Candidates

Ideal teacher candidates for St. Henry Schools 
    I. are interested in working with highly-motivated students. 
    II. are knowledgeable of the latest instructional methodology. 
    III. are creative and student-centered. 
    IV. hold certification in more than one teaching area. 
    V. have a desire to take an active role in school improvement planning and implementation. 
    VI. are interested in participating as a coach or activity advisor.

Candidates for non-teaching positions 
    I. are eager to assist staff to accomplish goals of educating students of the school district. 
    II. recognize each contact with the public is an opportunity to promote a positive impression of the school district. 
    III. are trained and/or are experienced in the area in which they seek employment. 
    IV. have a desire to develop new skills and enhance those they already possess. 
    V. are willing to consider employment in more than one staff position. 

Application Process

Applications for employment can be requested by mail to 
St. Henry Consolidated Local Schools 
Office of the Superintendent 
391 E. Columbus St. 
St. Henry, OH 45883-9574
by phone to 419-678-4834
by email to ranly.sherri@sthenryschools.org 
Completed applications remain in active status for a period of one (1) calendar year plus the current year.  Applications are considered complete when all items listed on the cover sheet are enclosed.

St. Henry Schools is an Equal Opportunity Employer and endeavors to provide the highest quality education through employing professionals selected for their competence and expertise.  No one will be discriminated against on the basis of color, age, origin, race, gender, religion, marital status, military service, or disability.