Varsity Volleyball


Name Grade Position Number Height
Rya Buschur Sophomore DS/L 0 5'4"
Chloe Gels Junior OH 1 5'10"
Morgan Robinette Sophomore DS 2 5'5"
Morgan Baumer Freshman DS/S 3 5'8"
Molly Wendel Freshman OH 4 5'10"
Ellie Fullenkamp Sophomore MH 5 6'0"
Mia Niekamp* Senior OH 6 6'0"
Lydia Werling* Junior S 7 5'9"
Brianna Mangen Sophomore DS 8 5'5"
Madison Brunswick Sophomore S 9 5'7"
Lauren Thieman Sophomore DS 10 5'5"
Mya Ontrop Senior MH 12 5'10"
Lizzy Snyder Junior RS 13 6'0"
Leah Lefeld Sophomore MH 14 5'11"
Captains *      
Tricia Rosenbeck   Head Coach    
Kylie Huelsman   Assistant Coach    
Kenzie Bruggeman   Assistant Coach    
Maddie Gels   Manager    
Liz Heitkamp   Manager    
London Sheeley   Manager    
Larkin Schwartz   Manager    

JV Volleyball


Name Number
Eva Schmitz 0
Ellie Fullenkamp 1
Morgan Robinette 2
Brianna Mangen 3
Karlee Buschur 4
Ava Homan 5
Molly Wendel 6
Madison Brunswick 7
Kennedy Wendel 11
Ashley Knapke Coach
Karlee Baumer Manager
Shaylee Lefeld Manager

Freshman Volleyball

Name Number
Reagan Schwieterman 1
Alexis Buschur 2
Chloe Dilbone 3
Maria Beyke 5
Olivia Gast 6
Kathryn Broering 7
Ava Cordonnier 8
Megan Lefeld 9
Claire Buschur 16
Jenny Neiport Coach
Adalyn Buschur Manager
Tori Beyke Manager
Hannah Gast Manager

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First launched in 1974, the St. Henry Volleyball program has established itself as one of Ohio’s finest programs with close to 1,000 wins in just 48 seasons.  The program has so much to be proud of with an overall 992-198 record, 7 state championships, 15 state appearances, 29 MAC titles, 341-55 MAC record, 6 head coaches, and 100’s of players!  St. Henry Volleyball alumni, family, friends, and fans, past and present, are the reason St. Henry continues its excellence in volleyball year after year.