Edward J. Werling

Class of 1957, 2018 Inductee

​In Recognition for Service, Leadership and Achievement

​Ed is quite modest and has never wanted acknowledgement or recognition for his contributions, believing instead that we all have an obligation to use our God-given gifts to improve the lives of others.  Ed works “behind the scenes” networking to achieve a specific vision to benefit others while investing personal funding as needed. 

Locally, Ed has been a successful independent farmer and local businessman, the former President of Werling and Sons, Inc., the former President of the Ohio Association of Meat Processors; helped found the local Center for Neurological Development to provide the opportunity for therapy to local community members; served on the St. Henry Board of Education for 8 years and the Mercer County Educational Service Center for 12 years; has been a board member for the Maria Stein Spiritual Center for 16 years including Treasurer for 11 years; and was a member of the Burkettsville Community Fire Department for 38 years.

​Globally, Ed has provided assistance for over 25 years to the Sisters of Mercy in Jamaica who were managing a boys’ school.  While there, he helped build a self-sustaining butcher shop, establish one of the best swine herds on the island and developed a catering/hosting facility; he developed a soy protein meal system whereby local soybeans are processed, stored in large barrels and sent to otherwise malnourished people in underdeveloped countries (mainly Haiti, Tanzania and Jamaica); assisted Tanzanians by helping construct schools and fund the installation of water wells.  He also provided financial assistance and direction to develop sustainable businesses such as a fish farm, poultry farm, a swine herd, an agricultural farm and a meat processing facility; and he traveled to Bulgaria in association with the Volunteers in Overseas Cooperative Assistance to teach current industry practices and entrepreneurial skills to several meat packers.

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